TEI 2015 Tactile Debit Wallet

tangible design
Project Overview

"Great tangible controls are not just input devices. They act as physical indicators of the state of a system that we read through our hands... Good tangible interfaces are also well-coupled with the things they control, providing an immediate feedback loop."

The TEI 2015 Student Design Challenge challenged us to bring tangible feed back to control through design, making use of hands' powerful capability to manipulate and get feedback. We built a wallet prototype using Spark technology and sensors, and presented our prototype to more than 100 TEI conference attendees at Stanford.

Design Concept

Credit and Debit Cards have made people’s lives more convenient. Financial transactions have become one card swipe away. People do not need to carry hard cash in their wallets anymore. However, as a replacement of physical cash, credit cards can make people lose track of their budget.

Tactile Debit brings the tangible feedback back by giving vibration based on user's budget status when user opens the wallet.

Design Process



Design Decision

System Layout

Foam Prototype

Component Purchasing

Circuit Making

Presentation Design

Presenting at Stanford

More Team Photos

IUB, Bloomington, IN

October-December, 2014

Urvashi Gupta
Sophie Huang
Jordan Jalles

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