Hi, I'm a UX and Interaction Designer.

I believe that design is defining how we interact with the world. Every design, even the smallest ones, may introduce a big change to people's perception, value, and behavior. Thus design comes with great responsibility, and requires constant learning.

I appreciate design with an elegant flow that fit into user's work and life. Design should be delightful, but it doesn't mean it needs to be super attractive or exciting. Sometimes, a smoother workflow will even bring people more joy.

Internet brought us all into the new era of information. But I believe design should strive to provide not just meaningful information, but knowledge, and even wisdom. This is how design should empower.

Though design may make our lives more meaningful, it would mean nothing if no one starts using it and continues using it after. It's not about how to sell the design, but about how to design people's crave for the meaningful things we're providing.

Design is not a one-man job done in a day. Let's be patient. :-)

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