Event Wizard for Idean's Sales Team

iOS app design individual project

Project Overview

This project is Idean's internal project done by myself individually. As an Interaction Design Trainee, I was challenged to come up with a design that can add to Idean's business value.

After research, concepting, and multiple iterations on the wireframes, I designed the iOS app - an internal tool for Idean’s sales team to better connect with guests and customers during in-house events.

Problem I'm Solving

Idean's sales team has already been using reservation list to prepare conversations for upcoming in-house events - as a way to maintain existing customer relationship and develop new customer relationship. However, there are too many information sales need to remember that they could not fully focus on the conversations they are having.


Let Event Wizard take over most of the labor work! Don't worry about keeping track of the VIP guests and remembering all the conversations you had already. Let's focus on one conversation at a time - the conversation you are having.

1. Guest information automatically gathered from Eventbrite
Before event, Event Wizard automatically pulled in the upcoming events, and the guests who registered for the events.

2. Check guest information and take note
Sales go through all guests's information from LinkedIn, Facebook, and CrunchBase profiles that are automatically discovered based on guests name, company, and title. If there's any information users find to be good conversation points. They can keep the information using tags or notes, which will then appear on guest's profile.

3. Prioritize guests
Based on gathered information, sales can prioritize guests by marking them as "must talk to", "may talk to", or "none". And then users can click on right arrow to move to the next registered guest.

4. Prioritize talks
Checked-in guests are listed based on their importance, so that sales can quickly refer to the list and decide who to talk to next.

5. Gather more information and take note
After guests gather more information through the talk, they can write the important information down quickly, release the memory, and move on with the next guest.

6. Mark talked and update guest status
Sales can mark guests as talked to keep the prioritized guest list valid, and update guest status which will be synced with Salesforce.

7. Pick up the work at Salesforce
All the to-dos are already synced in Salesforce so that Sales team can proceed customer relationship building using Salesforce.

Invision Prototype
Design Process


Coming into the new workspace, I had no idea what kind of problems Idean might be facing, or what kind of opportunities I may have for adding business value. So I started interviewing people from different positions at Idean and ended up interviewing 1 project manager, 1 developer, 1 designer, 1 sales vp, and 1 recruiter, from which I identified 4 problem spaces.

Problem Space Selection

All 4 identified problem spaces are good problems to tackle in order to add business value. However, I had to choose one of them to focus on. So I generated four key factors to help decide on one problem space:
1. How much business value will be added?
2. How feasible will this solution be?
3. How much interaction design will this solution require?
4. How much time will be needed for this solution?

Both the designer and sales vp mentioned about problems related to event. So instead of choosing one of the four problems, I choose In-house event as a space to know more about.

Understanding Problem

Step 1 - Interviews

Although it is clear that I can design a new Event Check-in app, I tried to examine the whole ecosystem around Idean's Events. From interviews with 1 Studio Associate and 1 designer, I found that there are mainly 3 roles involved for holding an in-house event: Event Manager, Sales, Check-in Staffs.

Step 2 - Problem Framing

For different groups, there are different problems. For Event Manager, every time we have an event, she has to manually export guest list from Eventbrite and then import it into Event Farm. For Sales people, they will get the list from Event Manager, but will have to manually search for information, remember whom to talk to, what to talk to, and constantly check whether those guests come, remember all the newly gathered information.

Concept System Generation

How does Sales Team work?

Due to time constraint, I was only able to focus on the part of design for Sales team. More interviews with several sales people at Idean revealed how in-house event is helping sales activity.



Usability Testing
Concept Evolution
Visual Design
Final Design

Click to see the Invision Prototype.

Idean Inc., Palo Alto, CA

One Month, July, 2015

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