Journey Jacket

wearable design
Project Overview

As technology make sensors smaller thus more portable, everything about our lives can be tracked, quantified, and recorded, from blood pressure to brain waves. But the question is: what do they mean to us?

We designed Journey Jacket - a wearable 'device' which helps reduce travel-induced stress by guiding users to breathe, a travel companion who comforts passengers through care and nurture.

Final Concept

Journey Jacket starts monitoring stress through HRV(Heart rate variability) monitor which will be activated after user puts hand in front pocket, and then sends vibration responds which simulates a rubbing action on the back to guide passenger breathe in a pattern - taking passenger back to relaxed state.

Design Goal
Design Process

Interviews + Ideation + Secondary Research + Ideation

From opportunity exploration to final concept, we had several rounds of research, ideation, discussion, and iteration. The below illustration showcases how our team came up with the core elements of our design, in a much cleaner way.

Usability Testing

We built a simple prototype (handcrafted blanket with vibration motor) mainly aimed to test whether user understands pockets as way to activate and whether they will breathe along with the vibration motor.

More Team Photos

IUB, Bloomington, IN

One Month, November, 2013

Alisa Avigan
Julia Rickles
Steve Voyk

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